Lutheran Church Malagasy Singing & Gospel Sunday XI following the Trinity 02-07 September 2019 « God justifies men »

Introduction: God justifies men so that they are not confused, because they are unjust sinners. Indeed, the unjust have no part in the kingdom of God, and therefore can not enter or inherit it (Rev.22: 15). What are called « unjust » are all those who disobey the will of God, but do what is contrary to … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel Sunday VIII after Trinity 12-17 August 2019 “God is with His people”

Introduction: The statement « God is with His people » asserts that God really loves His people, so He does not forsake them nor leave them on their own, especially in times of trouble such as adversity, diseases, hardship, calamity and above all death. God is really with His people, so whatever happens to them, His love … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel 5th Sunday after Trinity- July 22-27. “God is Lord”

Introduction: The main idea included in the title “God is Lord” means literally « Know and accept the Lordship of God », even Him as “the unique God.” The first commandment in the ten commandments God gave Moses says, « You shall have no other gods before Me » Exo. 20:3. In this regard, the Lord really expects that … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Gospel & Song Sunday IV after Trinity 15-20 July 2019 “God’s favour” *

Introduction: It is important for men to receive “God’s approval ». It means that He justifies them, rewards them for their good deeds as this master who said to his servant, « Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and … [Read more…]

MALAGASY LUTHERAN CHURCH Song & Gospel June 24- 29 “God retributes”

Introduction: God repays since retribution belongs to Him. The Scripture says in this respect, « ‘It is mine to avenge, I will repay’, says the Lord―Deut.32:35” Rom.12:19. Indeed, He retributes because He is a righteous Judge who repays everyone for their deeds―whether good or bad. For there is nothing hidden that will not be seen, either … [Read more…]

Dimanche IV suivant Pâque 20-25 Mai 2019 “GLORIFIEZ DIEU”

EGLISE LUTHERIENNE MALAGASY Chant & Evangile Dimanche IV suivant Pâque 20-25 Mai 2019 “GLORIFIEZ DIEU” * Introduction: ”Glorifiez Dieu” signifie Le louer, L’élever, et L”honorer. C’est un sain sacerdoce qu’Il a établi dans son royaume. Aussi la multitude des anges qui font face à Son trône chante:ainsi: ”A celui qui est assis sur le trône, … [Read more…]