Malagasy Lutheran Church
Song & Gospel Second Sunday after Epiphany, January 16 – 22, 2022 “The Messiah, the Lord’s Prophet” *

The message: The Messiah, The Lord’s Prophet, refers primarily to Jesus Christ, the Word of God incarnate, who revealed Himself to us and dwelt among us. He was appointed and sent by God to bring and proclaim His message of salvation to the world, as the Gospel declares: « For God so loved the world that … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel Sunday I after Epiphany, January 09 – 16 2022 « The Year of the Lord’s favor » *

The message: The Year of the Lord’s favor is the year of deliverance of His people. Historically, the year of favor is given by God in response to the years of affliction that He inflicted on the children of Israel when they were taken captive by the Assyrians, and they lamented to God (2 Kings 18:11). … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel Epiphany, January 02 – 08 2022 “EPIPHANY — GOD REVEALS HIMSELF TO THE HUMAN”

The message: The « Epiphany – God’s appearing to the human, » announces the revelation of Jesus Christ the Son of God to us human beings. « Epiphany » (Gr.) means « a manifestation or an appearance to our sight of what has always been hidden ». In the Scripture, it specifically refers to the manifestation of Christ, the Anointed One … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel Sunday V of Advent, 26 December 2021 – 1st January 2022 « The Messiah has come, filled with the Spirit » *

The message: The Messiah has truly come to bring salvation to the world. It is a unique event, which marks the new year of God, namely the Lord’s entering into our human lives to bring us back and to reconcile us to God, our Creator and Carer, and to deliver us from the bondage of … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel Third Sunday of Advent, December 12-18, 2021 « Jesus Christ, the Messiah who brings Redemption » *

The message: The purpose of the Messiah’s arrival is to bring deliverance for humankind who live under the grip of death because of sin. So, the angel said of Him: « You are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins » Mt 1:21. It is a work of God, based on … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel Second Sunday of Advent, December 5 – December 11, 2021 « God is gathering His people » *

The message: The coming of God’s Messiah we are waiting for this Advent is for Him to gather His people, and His purpose is that He may dwell in the midst of His people. This is His fulfillment of His promise for which He made a covenant with His people, saying, « I will be their … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel First Sunday of Advent, November 29 – December 4, 2021 “God visits His people” *

The message: The phrase « God visits His people » points primarily at Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh who dwelt and lived among us, in order to bring us salvation. It is the fulfillment of God’s long-held promise of the coming of the Messiah, according to Jesus’ reading of the words about the Servant … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Song & Gospel XXIV Sunday following Trinity, November 14-20, 2021 « The believer triumphs in God » *

The message: « The believers triumph in God » because God gives them the victory. For life does not go without struggle, and this is especially true nowadays, in this time which the Scriptures refer to as « the hour of trial that is coming on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth » Rev 3:10b. … [Read more…]

Malagasy Lutheran Church Music & Gospel XXIII Sunday following Trinity, November 7-13 2021 « The Kingdom approved by God » *

The message: The « kingdom approved by God » is that which accomplishes God’s will, namely, the reign of justice and peace for the benefit of the community, as God’s word says: « See, a king will reign in righteousness, and princes will rule with justice » Isa 32:1. Jesus Christ, the Faithful and Just King, is the center … [Read more…]